This report provides an insight into the discrimination faced by members of the Roma communities in Slovenia and Slovakia and outlines strategies for securing legal remedies. In addition to raising public awareness of discrimination against Roma in these countries, the report provides an overview of the results of fieldwork carried out in 2023 by trained Roma women mediators in Roma communities in both countries. Based on direct testimonies of people from different Roma communities, the report describes a wide range of discriminatory practices that reveal systemic forms of antigypsyism in different areas of public life.

The report also provides insights from practical work in raising awareness about discrimination and providing legal assistance to discriminated Roma in many specific cases, including their resolution through the involvement of the national equality body in Slovakia.

The report contains a number of recommendations for both government institutions at national level and the national equality body in order to address persistent shortcomings.

The report was published in cooperation with partner NGOs Minority Rights Group Europe and EPEKA, Slovenia within the project “Promoting Roma equality in Slovenia and Slovakia”. Funded by the European Union.