We may all contribute to a better life in society for all of us, including minorities. In case you share this belief, we will be grateful for your donation. We consider your donations as a demonstration of your trust in our work. We manage all financial and non-financial contributions in a trustworthy, transparent and effective way. And we provide a detailed overview of their allocation in our annual reports.

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Be the one to contribute to the promotion of equality of all people in dignity and rights

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Donating goods or providing services

A significant part of our expenses consists of office supplies, printing, organization of educational events, translation of legal files/petitions to English, etc. Goods or services, which you provide free of charge, are highly valuable to us. In case you wish to know more

about the donation of goods or services, do not hesitate to contact us.v

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A work of each volunteer is highly respected, as it creates a mutual space for conducting activities towards protection of human rights. Currently, we specifically welcome volunteers for translation work from/to English, for graphics and administrative tasks. In case you wish to know more

about volunteering, do not hesitate to contact us

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We are a well-established non-governmental, non-profit organization, which activity for the protection of right of minorities has been attracting for years an attention of a media (including international media such as The New York Times,  CBC or NPR) and of a general public. We are the only non-governmental organization


from central Europe which received the annual award of France ‘Freedom-Equality- Fraternity’ in 2012.

Financial or other donations from your company will bind its name with a support of universal values of human rights, a dignity of each person and a justice that we promote.

The information about your donation will be published on our website and in our annual report.

In case you wish to know more about partnerships, do not hesitate to contact us.

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