A new and expanded edition of a handbook on how to defend yourself against discrimination through the law. Available in Slovak language.

The handbook updates and expands the information first published by our NGO at the time when the so-called Anti-Discrimination Act was adopted in Slovakia.

Since then, the Anti-Discrimination Act has been used as a tool of protection against discrimination for almost twenty years, and we strived to contribute to its implementation. As part of our work, we have provided legal advice in cases of discrimination, and we have used the Anti-Discrimination Act in many court proceedings to represent Roma who have been discriminated against. We have also actively used other existing legal means to protect against discrimination. The handbook is thus enriched by some of our practical experience in using these legal means – it gives our view on how these tools against discrimination work in practice today.

The handbook continues to focus primarily on the context of discrimination on racial or ethnic grounds, but it does not forget other grounds of discrimination and briefly addresses them.

We have published a new, updated edition of the manual in the framework of the project “Promoting Roma equality in Slovenia and Slovakia.”

Funded by the European Union.