The core financial grant of the Sigrid Rausing Trust foundation enables us to carry on developing our activities on the protection of Roma women’s human rights in the next three years.  

Our activities on pursuing the rights of Roma women includes human rights monitoring, strategic litigation before domestic and international courts, advocacy activities towards the Slovak state authorities and international human rights bodies and awareness raising of wider public about ongoing shortcomings.  

Thematically, we focus on a wide range of pressing areas of human rights violations against Roma women, in particular discrimination in access to public accommodations, health care, employment and education. We also specifically deal with the protection of their reproductive rights and pursue access to justice for Roma women, who were illegally sterilized in the past.

Our cooperation with a group of Roma activists includes organization of joint regular meetings as well as planning and implementing joint activities on the protection of Roma women’s rights and networking with other active women`s groups.

Beside the joint activities, we also support individual efforts of the Roma activists from the group and their own Roma rights initiatives in localities where they live.  

This institutional grant enables us to carry out also our other activities on the protection of Roma minority from discrimination and police brutality. 

The core grant has been provided to us for three years – from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2023.