Human rights education and activism

We consider a support of activism and a human rights education as an important tool towards positive changes in our society. We are convinced, more people will be aware of their human rights, and will successfully promote them in their neighbourhood, a better place our society will be for a life of everyone

Meetings with Roma women activists

Empowering Roma women, who face multiple disadvantages in our society, is an integral part of our work.

Therefore, since 2003, we have organized meetings of Roma women from various locations of Košice and Prešov county. Originally, meetings provided support for women to whom we provided legal aid in cases of illegal sterilizations. With time, the group expanded with other Roma women, who were courageous enough and decided to actively defend themselves against the violation of human rights.

The objectives of the meetings mainly are:

  • to strengthen and develop skills of Roma women in order to support them in promoting a respect of their human right and the human rights of other Roma women and children in their communities;
  • to create a space to enable a mutual support of women and women’s solidarity;
  • to boost a creation and operation of a so-called “action group” of Roma women, which will organize its own activities leading to supporting the rights of Roma women locally;
  • to increase participation of Roma women in activities of our non-governmental organization.


On a regular basis, we organize discussion seminars for Roma activists from various locations of Slovakia.

Objectives of the seminars are mainly:

  • to increase an involvement of Roma activists in a protection of human rights of the Roma minority, strengthen them and provide them with a support;
  • via the Roma activists, to increase mobilization of other members of the Roma community for the protection of their human rights;
  • to create a space to enable mutual support for the protection of human rights;
  • to provide information about our activities and legal measures for the protection in cases of violation of human rights;


In 2013- 2015 together with the non-governmental organizations Fenestra and Helping Hand we organized informal trainings for young people, who are not indifferent to rights of others. This human rights training is an opportunity to extend a knowledge and skills in a field of support and protection of human rights of different groups of people, by means of learning by an experience.

The objectives of the School of Human Rights are:

  • to extend a youth awareness related to human rights;
  • to develop a critical thinking, ability to argue and other communication skills;
  • to destroy myths by facts, to overcome one’s own prejudices and stereotypical perception;
  • to broaden an awareness about how to actively promote human rights in a society;
  • to develop active citizenship and an interest of youth about the public issues.

The activists of the School of Human Rights together with lecturers seek answers, among others, to the following questions:

  • What are the human rights and how to promote them?
  • Why protect also the human rights of most vulnerable groups in our society?
  • What is discrimination and how to eliminate it?
  • How to stand up against violence against women?
  • In which areas of life drug consumers and people working in the sex business are facing discrimination and how to protect their rights?