On 10 December 2022, we organized a training for Roma activists, which focused on the protection of human rights of the Roma minority and protection against discrimination. We shared our experience in promoting the human rights of Roma in Slovakia particuarly by using legal means of protection.

During the training we discussed, among other things, how to identify cases of human rights violations and discrimination and what are the legal means of protection against discrimination.

We also shared our experience in dealing with cases of discrimination and police violence and within group activities we addressed concrete cases from practice.

The aim of the training was also to strengthen our mutual cooperation with Roma activists towards the promotion of Roma human rights in the future and to create a space for expressing support and networking with each other.

We thank all Roma activists for their active participation. We hope that in the future they will apply the knowledge gained during the training in practice. We will be happy to provide them with legal support in this regard.

We would like to thank Maja Bodnárová for the photos from the event.

The training was organized within the the project “Promoting Roma equality in Slovenia and Slovakia“, which we are implementing with our partner organizations Minority Rights Group International and EPEKA, Slovenia.

The programme is funded by the European Union.