Together with more than 60 organizations, we have called on the European Union, the governments of the Member States, the United Nations and the other international community to put in place measures to protect the reproductive health and rights of women and girls fleeing the war in Ukraine.
We call on the governments of Slovakia, Moldova, Poland, Hungary and Romania to:

  • issue guidelines clarifying that sexual and reproductive health care, including access to emergency contraception, contraception and abortion, as well as all forms of health care related to pregnancy and childbirth, are considered to be an essential health care and are provided free of charge,
  • ensure that emergency contraception can be provided without a prescription without delay and free of charge to all refugees from Ukraine,
  • ensure the legalization and access to drug abortion in the early stages of pregnancy for all persons fleeing Ukraine,
  • take effective measures to prevent gender-based violence, including sexual violence, and to prevent trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation – especially around borders and other major transit points.

The full text of the call is available in English at: