Last week we met with Ingrid Kosová and Beata Jurik, members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (Parliament) for “Progressive Slovakia” party. We perceived their invitation as an opportunity to talk to them about the topics we deal with in Poradňa.

  • Access to justice for forcibly sterilized women and the adoption of the compensation law
  • Segregation of Roma children in education and its elimination
  • Segregation and ill-treatment of Roma women in maternity hospitals
  • Lack of a mechanism to compensate those who have sought justice after filing individual complaints before UN committees
  • The strategic litigation we are conducting in Poradňa in cases of discrimination and police violence against Roma.

We agreed with the women MPs that these are issues that they also consider pressing and that they pay attention to them in their capacity as women MPs. We assured them that we, in the Poradňa, will continue to advocate towards the government and responsible state institutions to take measures to improve the situation of Roma women and their children and the rights of the Roma minority in Slovakia in general. We hope that we will find support in these efforts from the political parties represented in Slovak Parliament, including Progressive Slovakia.