Together with Amnesty International Slovakia and the European Roma Rights Centre, we wrote a letter to the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and urged him to push for measures to improve the investigation of cases of police violence against Roma and to prevent such violence in general.

In our opinion, the investigation of police violence by the police inspectorate has long had serious shortcomings, which has been confirmed in recent years by the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in cases brought by us – for example, in the case of two Roma victims from Moldava nad Bodvou who were represented by us. The current situation calls for a strong response from the Minister for the Interior.

The Police Inspectorate must be able to investigate every case of possible police violence thoroughly and without delay. These cases should no longer end up in court in Strasbourg. People who face police violence – including Roma – must be able to seek justice through the institutions in Slovakia.

You can read our call here: