These days, in cooperation with the equality body – Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, we have written to the European Commission and called on it to take action against the expansion of segregated Roma schools with two-shift operation. We are convinced that this solution by the Slovak Government is contrary to EU law and to the Slovak Supreme Court judgments we have achieved.

In particular, we point out that the Government wants to secure further expansion of segregated Roma schools with EU money from the Recovery and Resilience Plan. We therefore ask the European Commission to prevent EU funds from being spent on measures that will lead to a further deepening of the segregation of Roma children in education.

We believe that the European Commission will act and communicate to the Slovak Government the need for other solutions. The Government must come up with comprehensive measures that will lead to the desegregation of Roma schools in the vicinity of excluded Roma communities. This approach will also resolve the problem of double-shift operation at these schools.

You can read the letter here.