Together with the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (equality body) and Amnesty International Slovakia, we have sent a letter to the European Commission in which we draw its attention to the use of EU funds for the construction of a new primary school in an excluded locality in the town of Trebišov.

By building a new school, the town is addressing the elimination of double-shift operation and the insufficient capacity of a local primary school attended exclusively by Roma children. We are convinced that this step will further deepen the already existing segregation of children in education in the town. In our view, it is contrary to domestic anti-discrimination law, court rulings and EU law.

We therefore call on the European Commission to review the use of EU funds in this matter and to prevent the planned construction of the school. The city must look for another solution to the problem of two-shift operation that will lead to desegregation in education.

The letter is available here (in Slovak):

Photo used: Press agency of the Slovak republic. (TASR).