In mid-June 2023, we organized another joint meeting of illegally sterilized women from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This time we met in a town Krnov.

At the meeting, the injured women from the Czech Republic shared their current experiences with the implementation of the compensation law that was adopted in their country in 2021. They pointed out that the compensation process in their country has a number of shortcomings and many injured women have still not been compensated.

The injured women from Slovakia spoke about the fact that although the compensation law in Slovakia has not yet been adopted, its proposal is already being discussed in the Parliament.

We agreed that it is important that the Slovak Parliament pays attention to the shortcomings in the implementation of the compensation law in the Czech Republic and that we avoid them in Slovakia.

The joint meeting also created a space for mutual strengthening of women from both countries and their further networking. Together we also planned further activities for the future.

We would like to thank you Sigrid Rausing Trust for financial support that enabled us to organise this meeting.